Loyalty by Design - Valuing and Executing Customer Experience Management Programmes

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21st Nov 2006

This white paper examines the process of determining the value, designing and executing Customer Experience Management (CEM) programmes.

The key elements this paper addresses are:
  • Identifying the links between loyalty and business success - The CEM process incorporates four distinct steps and starts with the business goals and objectives. The only reason that you should focus and act on customer loyalty is if it can help to achieve your business goals. First up we’ll look at linking the business success to loyalty outcomes and defining loyalty in a useful way.
  • Identify Experience drivers of loyalty - Once we have identified the areas of loyalty that will drive business outcomes we need to understand which customer experiences drive the loyalty outcomes we desire.
  • Design Initiatives - Knowing the experiences that we are trying to create we can design initiatives to bring those experiences to light.
  • Prioritise, act, report, improve - Implement the customer experience changes, and report on the changes that they make to the overall business value.
  • By Adam Ramshaw, Genroe Pty Ltd

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