Making Marketing Matter with Operations Software: A Primer

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21st Sep 2004

This article originally appeared in, a weekly newsletter of marketing know-how from professionals and professors.

By Roy Young and Freddie Daniells If you are a marketer with line responsibility today, you are likely facing increased pressure to produce results. You are likely producing results with a reduced budget. You are likely managing a growing numbers of campaigns across broader geographic reaches. You are likely required to co-ordinate with sales, finance, operations and R&D. And you are likely reminded frequently that favorable results require speed-to-market. To help manage their more complex and demanding marketing processes, marketers in many leading companies are turning to software technology, commonly referred to as Marketing Resource Management (MRM). They are using it to get greater control and improve the efficiency of marketing operations. Indeed, they realize that a nimbler, more integrated and flexible marketing function can give them a source of competitive advantage. To provide a primer for those unaware of how MRM technology can help, here are answers to 10 frequently asked questions.

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