Marketing Due Diligence - Reconnecting Strategy to Share Price

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4th Apr 2006

Despite what many non-marketers think, marketing is much more than just promotion. It is much more, even, than designing and delivering the 'marketing mix' of promotion, product, pricing, place (distribution), process, people and physical evidence.

The Marketing Due Diligence process involves both diagnostic and therapeutic stages. The first evaluates business risk and assesses whether the plan creates or destroys shareholder value. The second, building on the outcomes of the first, adapts the business plan to improve its risk profile and enhance shareholder value creation. This book is written for directors and managers of firms operating in the real world. By definition, such readers will be busy people and may not have the luxury to read this book from start to finish before returning to review parts of the book that are especially relevant to their situation. Therefore, each chapter begins with a short 'fast track' section which summarizes briefly its contents. These provide a succinct way to acquaint oneself with the content of each chapter before reading and when returning to it. By Malcolm McDonald, Brian Smith and Keith Ward Special CMC Book Offer We have secured a 10% discount on this book plus free packaging and posting (UK only) exclusively for CMC members.

Click here to order the book direct from Elsevier, making sure you input the promotional code AKP7 in the relevant box when you buy online.>

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