2nd May 2003

Multi-channel, “virtual” sales models and the role of CRM

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Customer relationship management, the Internet and contact centre technologies have given companies an opportunity to make significant changes to the way they interact with potential customers.

The old economy sales techniques of pitching to a prospective client face-to-face are being replaced by subtler, customer-led confrontations. The technology allows customers greater choice of channel and sales experience. But one thing still holds true. At some time during the buying process customers will want to deal with a real person, but not all the time.

Customers' channel requirements include immediate access to product information and order status at all hours of the day or night through rich interactive web media and live knowledgeable tele-based sales and service representatives. Customers are creating virtual buying processes in which they selectively combine human interactions with technology-based interactions.

In the full version of this article, new Insight Interactive knowledge partners Market Bridge explore the emerging 'virtual' sales models and their business potential. They describe how to deploy 'virtual sales representatives' and other CRM and Web solutions against specific customer sets in order to achieve significant return on investment.

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