MyCustomer event: How to make your company’s first chatbot a success

Artificial intelligence’s contribution to the customer service mix has been heralded and hyped in equal measure, but now it's time to get real and explore how virtual assistants can deliver genuine and rapid ROI.

Join customer experience expert, Martin Hill-Wilson as we delve into every facet required to make virtual assistants beneficial. Which use cases should you avoid? Where is the sweet spot that gets you going and sets you up for long-term success?

Topics we’ll tackle include:

  • Where’s the evidence that customers want virtual assistance?
  • From digital assistants to bots. Why so many names? Any real differences?
  • How does self-service fit in with live assistance? How do we plan for that?
  • Use cases you should resist first time around
  • The use case with the lowest risk and best ROI
  • A useful checklist to get you focussed on being successful

All this and breakfast is on us.

The briefing will be held on 30th November in a prestigious London venue.

Places are limited. Register your interest now to avoid disappointment.

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