NICE WFM 7.0 Understanding the Business Value and ROI

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26th Feb 2019

WFM 7.0 provides a new level of value in forecasting

Reliable forecasting is the cornerstone of modern workforce management. Unreliable forecasts that fail to accurately model the conditions of a contact center can have an undesirable effect on workforce schedules and service levels. That is why automated forecasting algorithms based on historical and seasonal trends as well as special events are so important. Accurate forecasting of contact requirements, taking into account both contact volume and handle time, enables better scheduling and staff planning.

NICE, the leader in workforce management, introduces the most advanced forecasting tools on the market with WFM 7.0. Building on its recognition as the industry standard, NICE WFM 7.0 Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence chooses the optimal daily forecast model to provide staffing levels and budgeting that are more accurate than those delivered by any other WFM solution.

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