REAAL Captures Customer Service

11th Dec 2000
This paper describes Managed Solutions CRM solution Clientwise, and in particular its application to the Dutch insurance company Reaal Particulier. The paper begins with an overview of Field Sales Integration (FSI), and goes on to describe how Reaal addressed its information flow problems by implementing FSI through its front and back-office. Within Reaal, much emphasis is put on their efforts in the field of market research and communication with the market. According to Reaals campaign manager, 80 percent of targeted customers in marketing campaigns are new customers, hence keeping track of responses to campaigns is very important. Previously all responses to campaigns were captured on separate databases. The paper claims that Clientwise has improved campaign management within the group by ensuring that Reaal track campaign activity, from the launch of the campaign, through to gathering responses from various channels, to the eventual outcome on whether the campaign produced the desired results.

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