1st Nov 2021

Research: How are organisations improving empathy in customer service?

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In July 2020, MyCustomer and Genesys conducted a study examining consumer attitudes to empathy in customer service interactions. The findings were clear - nearly three-quarters of the respondents told us that they believed it was vital that compassion and empathy were displayed by customer service staff, when dealing with their queries, no matter the channel.

Now, in the wake of the pandemic, and with organisations having heavily pushed the power of compassion in their marketing, MyCustomer has launched a follow-up report to learn how brands have worked to improve empathy in their customer service interactions. 

Certainly organisations have put great focus on empathy and compassion in their marketing campaigns in the last 18 months. But in reality how committed are they to improving empathy in their service experiences? Businesses are talking the talk - but are they also walking the walk?

To find out, MyCustomer and Genesys conducted a survey of over 200 senior customer service and customer experience professionals in the UK about their customer service interactions, tools, technologies and techniques, examining how well brands think they understand and acknowledge their customers’ emotional state during service interactions, and what steps organisations have put in place to improve empathy in their customer interactions. 

Download the report now to find out how organisations are improving empathy in their customer service interactions - and whether or not they are all talk - and also learn ways in which you can improve empathy in your own customer interactions.  

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