1st Jul 2021

The CXictionary - an A-Z guide to CX concepts

Customer experience is a rapidly evolving discipline with its own set of terminology. This guide takes a look at today's important CX concepts.
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Customer experience management is vital to any business’s success. 

But the technology used to measure the successes and pitfalls of CXM and the range of data points and usable information is evolving rapidly, with its own set of terminology. 

Understanding those terms and how they’re defined within the CX environment can provide pivotal awareness and increase successful adaptations to the market.

Quadient's comprehensive CXictionary provides an easy-to-use dictionary of all the latest terms and concepts within the CX world to help build an excellent CXM approach. Don’t let terminology slow your business down.

The Quadient CXictionary delivers:

  • A comprehensive collection of current terms, CX terms, and a few not so common
  • In-depth definitions that provide insight into CXM best practices
  • Single-click navigation by letter, no endless scrolling to find what you need
  • An excellent reference guide for CXM professionals of all levels
  • A teaching tool for those new to the customer experience management landscape

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