The Essence of Experience

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17th Jan 2005

While most marketing theory has always propounded the theory of the relationship being important. However where they have failed is the emotional connect with the customer. Experience based relationships strive to work on the emotional bond with the customer the first time and every single time at all points of interaction. The customer also responds. Not just with business. The customer may talk about the company to friends and family. Alternatively the customer may notice that a specific area of service may require some improvement or has a suggestion to make. This feedback is invaluable to the company because this is feedback that will go a long way in enhancing experience. This is truly then a relationship. A relationship based on trust and integrity and followed up regularly with two way communication.

This article is my attempt to outline the essence of experience and the effect it can have on customers. By Syamant Sandhir, Executive Director of FutureScape

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