27th Apr 2021

The future of customer experience in financial services

As we emerge from the pandemic, how can the Financial Services Industry maintain the new connection built with customers? This MyCustomer report explores how.
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The global pandemic has been a wakeup call for the financial services industry, changing it at a rate never seen before. But in its race towards digital transformation, gaps are appearing between its digital service offering and customer expectations.

In this report, we examine how financial services organisations, banks and insurance providers have been transformed by the events of 2020, what implications this has had for those organisations, and what further changes are in store, noting how forward-thinking financial services businesses can prepare themselves.

Trends examined include:

  • How financial services providers have embraced CX during the last 12 months
  • The new commodity of data
  • The disruptive forces that continue to impact the industry
  • The remote transformation and what this means for the future of the sector

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