9th Mar 2021

The future of customer experience in retail

A MyCustomer report exploring how retail CX has been forever changed by the pandemic, what further changes are in store and how retailers can prepare.
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The retail landscape has been changed inexorably by the pandemic, as the combination of lockdowns and changing consumer purchasing habits forced retailers to rethink the way that their entire operations are managed and, in many cases, fast-track their digital transformation plans as a result. 

In this report, we examine how the retail customer experience has been forever changed by the events of the past 12 months, what implications this has had for retailers, and what further changes are in store, noting how forward-thinking retailers can prepare themselves.

Trends examined include:

  • Where retail customer experiences are falling short of expectations. 
  • How retailers are creating flexibility for their service teams. 
  • How traditional commerce and the retailing experience are being digitalised. 
  • How retailers are personalising the digital experience. 
  • The emerging role of empathy in the retail customer experience. 

Download this report now to gain these valuable insights and learn how your organisation can best position itself for a customer-centric and successful future.

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