16th Feb 2021

The future of customer experience in travel, tourism and hospitality

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2020 was one of the roughest years the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors have ever experienced. Indeed, it was the year of survival for most as the COVID-19 pandemic affected all corners of business.

However, as we emerge into another new era, thriving will very much depend on how well travel, tourism and hospitality businesses can adapt to a new normal. And while that means prioritising processes and procedures that guarantee safe travel – CX is still a key differentiator for travellers when it comes to tourism and hospitality experiences. Businesses need to actively invest in new technology and channels of communication to ensure that they are able to meet and provide seamless experiences for their customers.

This report outlines: 

  • The current state of CX in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry based on the latest publicly available global data. 
  • A list of the top CX tech developments that will impact success and differentiation in the industry. 
  • Steps to take to thrive.

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