7th Jan 2021

The future of the customer support tech stack

This report explores the changing customer support landscape and how support tech stack will need to evolve to keep up.
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Over the last decade, the customer support industry has changed dramatically from customer deflection to customer engagement and retention. Brands have finally realised that the post-purchase support space is where customer loyalty is ultimately won anew—or lost forever.

This new understanding of customer support as a revenue engine instead of a cost centre has led to new ways to judge support efforts’ success. The traditional metrics of handle time, time to ticket resolution, resolution rate, and CSAT scores have been supplemented by net promoter scores (NPS), time to first response, and upsell opportunities. But what changes will the industry see over the next decade, and how will the support tech stack evolve to meet them—while also improving the agent experience?

Guru partnered with Freshworks to discover the future of customer support. Download the report now to see what it holds.

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