3rd Oct 2017

The GDPR and its implications for the use of customer data

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Poor data quality is having major implications for marketing performance. But with the GDPR on the horizon, and regulatory compliance hinging on data quality, the issue is now of even greater significance.

With that in mind, this report examines the causes of data quality issues; what the GDPR requirements are relating to data quality; and how the Regulation will impact the way data is managed in the future.

But, crucially, this report also challenges organisations to look beyond the scare stories, explaining how they can capitalise on work towards GDPR compliance to embrace the values of permission-based marketing and reap the benefits that this brings. 

As we will discover in this report, your choice as an organisation now will be to see your work on the GDPR either as an exercise in minimum viable compliance, or as an opportunity to become a leaner, cleaner data-driven marketing machine. 

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