17th Nov 2021

The rise of journey management as a platform for customer engagement

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The pandemic has dramatically changed customer behaviours and preferences, and there is uncertainty whether these will change again - reverting back to previous patterns - or whether the shifts are permanent. 

If organisations cannot understand their customer journeys, it will be difficult to deliver superior customer experiences and create competitive differentiation. So how have organisations responded to this disruption and how are they working to better understand and respond to new customer journeys? 

To shed some light on this, MyCustomer and Thunderhead commissioned a study, polling 200 service/CX/marketing leaders about the impact of changing customer journeys and how these organisations have worked to improve their understanding and management of these changing journeys. 

Download this report to learn:

  • How COVID has impacted how customer experiences are being delivered.
  • Why customer journeys are an important part of digital transformation. 
  • What tools organisations are investing in to improve their management of customer journeys. 


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