13th Aug 2020

The value of chatbots in ecommerce: 2 case studies

Discover the value of chatbots in e-commerce.
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The coronavirus has seen a surge in chatbot use around the globe. The WHO and CDC have included chatbots on their websites to provide up-to-date information on the coronavirus and the World Economic Forum now predicts that the use of chatbots will continue to grow after the pandemic – particularly in industries such as healthcare.

Ecommerce has also experienced a chatbot boon, and in this whitepaper we shine a spotlight on two major brands - Missguided and OHRA - and their stories about how chatbots have improved their operations. 

You'll learn: 

- Why Missguided introduced a chatbot during a period of sustained customer growth

- How OHRA increased conversion rates with their chatbot implementation 

- What made both chatbot implementations successful where other chatbot implementations may have previously failed. 

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