The Value of Customer Experience Management

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27th Jan 2005

CEM is part of customer relationship management (CRM) and the natural extension of building brand awareness. Where brand gives the promise, CEM is the physical delivery of that promise and is vital in an economy where a brand is increasingly built on value delivered rather than product features.

Customer experience is delivered through touch points (e.g., salespeople, call center agents, advertising, events, debt collectors, receptions, product brochures and Web sites). It is based on a customer’s expectation of the value the enterprise will deliver, so managing expectations of the value proposition through reputation and publicity is an important part of delivering a good customer experience. The experience is designed based on expectations, translated into touch point processes to ensure consistency across channels and managed via customer feedback. This Strategic Analysis Report examines CEM and provides insights to enterprises to succeed in this crucial effort. In doing so, the following key issues are presented:
  • What is CEM and why is it important?
  • How will organisations create and drive positive customer experiences?
  • What are the techniques and technologies that enable organisations to drive CEM?
  • How will organisations determine CEM readiness and take steps to get there?

    By J Kirkby, J. Wecksell, W. Janowski, T. Berg


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