2nd Mar 2016

Top 5 reasons your legacy call centre’s “end-of-life” doesn’t mean the end for you

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Important migration considerations when modernising your call center to enable omnichannel customer experience

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - North America session- 10am PT/1pm ET

Make the shift to an omnichannel approach and gain the immediate benefits of higher customer loyalty, increased revenue, and better business outcomes, while paving the path for continued success. During the live webinar you will learn key considerations and action steps required to replace your aging Avaya ACD/IVR:

  • Why it’s time to replace your existing legacy call center and the pitfalls to avoid when selecting a replacement platform
  • What criteria to look for in your replacement selection, given the unique requirements of omnichannel
  • How to create a migration plan that will get you down the path easily and quickly

Don’t let your existing call centre infrastructure hold you back from delivering great customer experiences. Learn how transforming your legacy-based ACD, PBX and Telephony infrastructures into an omnichannel engagement centre that can deliver great customer experiences.

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