Virtual organisations do it better for their customers?

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18th Feb 2005

Many organisations are today ‘doing their best’ to trade and compete in the way they have learnt at business school. Unfortunately, their ‘best’ may actually be actively harmful to their future development.

In fact, they would do far better if they stopped trying to learn from organisations held up as leading their field – and look instead at their fast-emerging opposite: the virtual organisation. These are key conclusions drawn from recent research into Virtual Organisations, conducted by the author, Mark Hollyoake, as part of an MBA programme for Henley Management College. The research began by looking at what academic theory is telling people about CRM. That is an interesting place to start, since it is now well established that CRM is not quite the panacea it was originally sold as – often failing by a large margin to live up to its earlier claims. By Mark Hollyoake, Springboard Commercial Solutions Ltd

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