Webinar: Managing Disruption | Avaya Breeze

Live: Tuesday 23rd May, 1PM

Every time your customer contacts you they go on a journey, but how is it getting disrupted, and what can you do about it?

Join Paul Brassington, Sabio’s Human Assisted Service expert and Gregg Widdowson, Avaya’s Digital Engagement expert to find out more about how the four main disrupters - cloud, mobility, big data and social are affecting the customer journey.

This webinar will showcase Avaya's key products required to future proof your organisation, laying the foundations and enhancing and expanding at your own pace, allowing you to provide a seamless customer journey, including:

  •          Disrupted Customer Contact
  •          Cloud, mobility, big data and social
  •          The customer journey
  •          Avaya Breeze
  •          Avaya Oceania
  •          Customer case studies



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