What is CRM? From 'The IDM Guide to CRM Mastery'

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6th Jul 2005

This extract is from the Institute of Direct Marketing's Guide To CRM Mastery. The full guide comprises 14 modules.

CRM has grown into a full-blown management discipline and for many companies it represents the single most important tool for staying profitably in business. This paper explains why CRM has become so top-of-mind. It looks at the typical business problems for which CRM offers practical solutions - and it explores the possible outcomes from adopting it. It defines key terms and reviews various CRM models, considering the potential in B2B and B2C situations. Placing customers rightfully at the heart of the CRM debate, it looks at the changing nature of the global and local customer and how this drives CRM. It also discusses technology and the potential for e-business. Importantly, the extract also includes guidelines for increasing the chances of success for CRM projects. The report covers:
  • Definitions of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Definitions of e-business and Knowledge Management
  • The changing nature of customer service and marketing
  • The changing customer
  • Critical success factors for CRM
By IDM from 'The IDM Guide to CRM Mastery'

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