What value does permission marketing hold?

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17th Aug 2005

The view that the future could be one of permission or participation marketing is gathering momentum. The concept suggests that prospects and customers are in control of the relationship through positive engagement, even dialogue, with the brand, so it is an appealing concept to both consumers and the marketing industry.

The current Data Protection requirements for marketing are, at its very broadest and simplest, opt-out to direct marketing and opt-in to e-marketing, and for these digital marketers, opt-in represents the ‘higher standard’ of permission marketing. But, are these opted-in customers more welcoming or even encouraging of marketing than those who have not objected within an opt-out regime, and does this translate into sales? And, will the industry itself move towards permission marketing without regulation? By Karen Sadler, the customer partnership

About the author

Karen Sadler is a consultant specialising in marketing and data compliance. The Customer Partnership is a customer management consultancy with a specialism in decision support - from optimisation engines and strategy tools to practical outsourced customer insight management services. Find out more about the customer partnership

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