17th Feb 2021

What your employees need to keep your customers happy

This whitepaper explores how emphasising employee engagement is key to becoming a customer-centric organisation.
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In the past, organisations saw customer service as its own separate entity. If contact centre agents treated customers well, they reasoned customer satisfaction would go up.

But if you looked at the highest-performing businesses in the world today, you’ll notice that customer satisfaction goes beyond frontline contact centre agents. Modern-day organisations are starting to realise that in order to be a customer-centric organisation, you need to focus on employees first.

Starbucks is a case in point - its employees are some of the most highly engaged in the food service industry, and that shows in their numbers, with annual revenue soaring from 2016-19. 

Download this report to learn why organisations need to take a unified approach to support both employees and customers, adopting a combined unified comms and contact centre solution to: make life easier for staff, foster collaboration and deliver seamless customer experiences.

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