17th Sep 2003

White Papers for SME's, Corporates and Companies building Alliance Partner Strategies

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Do you work in an SME, a large corporate or a firm with lots of alliance partners? If so, then one of the following white papers has been written for you. The common theme in all the white papers is that companies must get the strategy right before investing in expensive 'kit'. 1) Customer Relationship Management - RightFirstTime This white paper will help you to develop a profitable customer portfolio. It has been written for the SME sector and provides a commonsense approach to CRM to help SME's avoid the mistakes of large Corporates. 2) CRO White Paper - Customer Resource Optimisation Find out about increasing productivity. This white paper is aimed at Corporates with lots of different resources including 3rd parties and teleweb resources focused on customers. The aim is to utilise the most appropriate resources mindful of both profitability and customer buying behaviour. 3) For PRM Success - Discover how to open up markets faster. This white paper is aimed at the corporate market where firms have lots of partners and are considering investing in or developing partner relationship management systems.

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Jeremy Cox is the founder and managing director of The Wisdom Network which provides support to B2B organisations in the customer facing arenas of CRM Strategy, Strategic Market Management and the Optimisation of customer facing resources.

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