29th Mar 2019

Why Adobe Campaign? Five key elements to data-driven campaigning

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We all know the buzzwords: ‘omni-channel’, ‘real- time’, ‘hyper-personalisation’. They remind us of our 16-year-old self in secondary school: all talking about it, believing that everyone else is doing it, but in reality, very few really are.

Campaign and CRM teams have long been expected to create a marketing ecosystem that can target, communicate, convert and retain customers in a timely, personalised and cross- channel fashion. But it sometimes feels harder than ever to achieve. We’ve written this whitepaper to let you in on a secret. Everyone is not doing it. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but it certainly isn’t easy. 

We’re partnered with Adobe Campaign - a platform which technically, is more than capable of supporting ambitions of world-class customer experience.

However, there are many steps to take to get there, and many aspects to consider. This whitepaper explore some of the key elements of achieving truly data-driven marketing with Adobe Campaign, with some example use cases from our clients.

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