Why customer feedback isn’t enough and your business needs a Quality Assurance Framework

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17th Mar 2020

Most businesses measure their customer service using metrics that only tell part of the story.

Measures such as CSAT are highly contextual, fraught with instrumentation difficulties and only relate to some of your customers’ experience and success. Put plainly, CSAT scores are only as good as the questions and timescales you ask.

So if customer satisfaction is important, but the customer feedback is only showing one side of the story, what can you do to be looking at a more holistic view?

In this report we explain the importance of Quality Assurance (QA), and how to ensure your QA process supports your measurement of customer satisfaction. 

What you'll learn

  • Why focusing on the right Quality Measures mean customer satisfaction will improve as a direct consequence.
  • How QA can help to support improved employee engagement, happiness and motivation.
  • The basics of a QA process and top tips for success.
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