Infographic: Lead generation metrics you should be aware of

3rd May 2017

In recent years, there have been many changes in the consumer buying process, with online research playing an increasingly significant role. In one study, researchers found that 94% of buyers research online first before they decide on a purchase. Coincidentally, almost 70% of these buyers prefer learning about a brand through online articles than traditional advertisements.

There are also more communication channels wherein the business and customers can forge relationships. Unfortunately, there’s also increased noise and competition. Lead generation allows businesses to be heard and connect with their target market despite the noise.

Instead of simply casting a wide net and pray for a catch, lead generation enables marketers to build and nurture relationships with their target customers and move them closer toward acquisition. Lead generation and lead nurturing are both important to the business, as these ensure that the time, money, and resources are used efficiently.

Just like any online campaign, there are metrics involved in lead generation that you shouldn’t ignore. Here are some of them and why they should be given extra attention.

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Lead generation

Johanna Rivard is executive vice president of PureB2B


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