SAP ecosystem set to dominate
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The worldwide SAP consulting and systems integration ecosystem is the largest, according to recent research from IDC.

SAP is followed by Oracle and PeopleSoft respectively with IBM Global Services and Accenture both holding spots as the leading systems integrators in both of these markets globally and in the US. Capgemini placed well in the global markets while Deloitte was strongly positioned in the US.

The IDC study - Worldwide and U.S. ISV Services Ecosystems: Leaders for SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft Services - examines the services ecosystems for three leading enterprise application independent software vendors (ISVs): Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP.

The study also found that the continuing consolidation in the enterprise application software industry is generating uncertainty for many clients regarding what vendor to invest in next. Customers are also increasingly turning to the systems integrators (SIs) for insight into potential software investment.

"The unprecedented consolidation within the enterprise application software industry may shift the dynamics in the enterprise application services market and create further uncertainty," said Stephanie Torto, program manager for Systems Integration Business Strategies research at IDC. "However, systems integrators with strong capabilities, a forward-looking vision, and close relationships with customers will be poised to capitalise on these opportunities."

SIs will play a key role in advising clients on the future of the enterprise applications space, creating a product roadmap for clients, and advocating and communicating client needs to the independent software vendors (ISVs). The SIs and ISVs will continue their relationship as both competitors and allies in order to create revenue and drive growth for the Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP ecosystems.

"Customers are turning to the SIs as their trusted advisor and eye into the ISVs more so than ever," adds Torto. "IDC recommends that SIs promote the strength of their relationships with the ISVs to play the role of advisor and assist clients in making sense of the uncertainty."

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