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10 steps to building a successful business blog

16th Aug 2010
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While blogging can be a great way for organisations to provide an engaging touchpoint with customers, there's no point in doing it if you've got nothing to say or no-one bothers to read it. Here are 10 steps to becoming a successful business blogger.

  1. Set realistic frequency targets and stick to them: Don't pretend you'll blog every day if you know that will be a challenge. Be realistic with content goals, making it easier to stick to them and setting expectations for website visitors
  2. Keep posts, paragraphs and sentences short: We read differently online so keep it short! Around 300-500 words is ideal with sub-heads to break the text and help readers navigate through your post.
  3. Make your content interesting and relevant: Think about your audience. Who is it you are trying to appeal to? Make sure your content will be interesting and useful to them.
  4. Convey personality: Set the right tone, but don't be afraid to give your bloggers the freedom to convey their own individuality.
  5. Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge: Show your readers you know your industry and make them feel they can trust you to come up with the goods.
  6. Always reply to comments on your blog: Even if it is just a sentence or two. Make your readers feel valued and they'll return again and again.
  7. Add RSS and email sign-ups: RSS feeds allow your readers to subscribe to posts without having to visit regularly. Alternatively, you can let visitors subscribe by email.
  8. Share your posts on social networks: Ensure you remember to alert followers on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn about your latest blog posts.
  9. Read and respond to other blogs: As a blogger, you need to participate in the community to really reap the benefits. Reply to posts on other blogs in your sector and they may start to return the favour.
  10. Be controversial: Make your blog stand out from the crowd by saying something different. This will help you attract and retain readers.

This top 10 list originally appeared in the 'Putting the 'social' into social media' whitepaper published by Wildfire PR.


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