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CRM Idol 2013 opens for entrants

9th May 2013
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International CRM competition CRM Idol is back for its third year with applications open for small CRM vendors to join the ranks of last year’s winners Crowdtap and Artesian Solutions.

CRM Idol gives smaller providers of customer-facing programmes and activities the opportunity to enjoy the limelight as they battle it out for the title of CRM Idol.

The competition provides valuable exposure for smaller players who can often struggle to get to get much visibility among thought leaders, analysts and journalists, and will ultimately deliver more than just bragging rights for the ultimate winners.
Architect of the competition Paul Greenberg says he believes this year will see the largest group of applications in the competition’s history.
“We expect some ups and downs as every year and in the end we expect that we'll see companies from the customer facing world emerge and flourish, which is the whole purpose of this contest,” he added.

To enter the competition, CRM firms need to follow three steps:

  1. Make sure you thoroughly read the rules and the instructions for CRM Idol 2013 on this website. Make a point of it so you can be certain that you qualify and, if  you do, you are doing exactly as asked by the judges.
  2. Request a registration form from us at [email protected]
  3. Fill it out and send it to [email protected].  The faster  you do this the better since there are limited slots and ties go to the timely.

Finalists are chosen by popular vote and the extended judge's panel. 

Welcome everyone, to another season of CRM Idol!


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