CRM Idol update #2 - 19 of the 20 EMEA slots now filled!

5th May 2011

Only one slot now remains for the EMEA CRM Idol category, with the Americas competition already filled.

For a recap of the CRM Idol details including rules, judges and prizes click here.

For the last update regarding entrants click here.

The latest schedule for CRM Idol is the following:

The Americas (all times are Eastern Time)

  August 15
– PhaseWare
4pm – Performance Solutions
5pm – Solucciones
6pm – Jaguar TPM
August 16
– Relenta CRM
4pm – LuxorCRM
5pm – thedatabank
6pm –Connected
August 17
3pm –Assistly
4pm – SplendidCRM
5pm – RO/Innovation
6pm - GreenRope
August 18
3pm – Cosential
4pm – Media Funnel
5pm –
6pm – Aplicor
August 19
4pm – Interactions Corp
5pm – Antharia LLC
6pm – Relayware
  August 22
3pm –
Lookout Software, Inc.
4pm – InvisibleCRM
5pm – Negoxia
6pm - CiviCRM
August 23
3pm –
Vigilius LLC
4pm – Hyperoffice
5pm – SalesNexus LLC
6pm – Salestrakr
August 24
3pm –
Brick St. Software
4pm – Stone Cobra
5pm – VIPorbit
6pm – Nimble
August 25
3pm –
Front Row CRM
4pm – GetSatisfaction
5pm – ContactMe
6pm – FuzeDigital
August 26
3pm -
4pm – Loopfuse
5pm – Vertical Solutions, Inc.
6pm – Dovetail Software

EMEA (all times are GMT)

  September 5
3pm - Swivelscript
4pm – InTouch
5pm - Efficy NV
6pm -
September 6
3pm -
Loyalty Factory
4pm – B-Kin
5pm – Atollon
6pm - Dimelo
September 7
3pm -
4pm – Akordis
5pm - Workbooks Online, LTD
6pm - BPMonline CRM
September 8
3pm –
Iko System
4pm – Zestia Ltd
5pm - Really Simple Systems
6pm - Arten Science Ltd.
September 9
–The SelfService Co.
4pm – Digita Srl
5pm –ABCrm
6pm - webCRM

Thus…..As of May 5 at 1:30AM ET, 7:30AM GMT, the slots still available are:



EMEA (all GMT)

  • September 5 – 6pm

For all of the companies that have made it, please remember:

  1. its provisional - dependent on your three references checking out. Once they do, we will send out notifications to everyone that will let you know the time and date of your actual slot.
  2. I’m traveling and the other key judges are busy and we are all human beings so we might be a little slow in responding.
  3. The waiting list is those Americas companies that submitted after closing of the competition. The order is based on the time stamped proper submission of the email. Any email that had something wrong with the submission has been asked to resubmit with the corrections. The resubmittal will be their actual time and date, not the original submission. Hey, it might sound sorta anal, but we haven’t been asking much so reading the rules and making our lives a little easier isn’t unwarranted, is it?

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