CRM software providers battle for champion in CRM Madness tournament
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Capterra has launched an online tournament pitting CRM software providers against one another to find the ultimate CRM champion. 

The comapny's select committee has chosen 64 popular CRM providers to contend in CRM Madness. The general public will determine the top CRM vendor by voting for their favourite ‘team’ each day until 4 April. Votes will be combined with other company metrics such as web traffic, number of customers and social media followers to determine who will go through to the next round.

The list of vendor competitors includes NetSuite, Pegasystems, Infor,, Sage and SugarCRm to name a few. For a full list of the vendors, click here.

The overall champion will be crowned on 5 April. 

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02nd Aug 2012 13:06

 Pitting online providers against each other will do great benefits not only for their exposure but it will also make it possible for clients to enjoy the best apps. For sure, providers will take this as the opportunity to show how great they are compared to their competitors.

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