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Enterprise 2.0 - what a wrench!

13th May 2008
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A mechanic asks a co-worker for a wrench. “What size wrench?” the co-worker asks; the first mechanic responds, “It doesn’t matter; I’m going to use it as a hammer.”

That's AMR Research's pitch on the whole matter of CRM and Enterprise 2.0. Analysts Chris Fletcher and Rob Bois argue that a lot of CRM supposed-failures are in fact down to using the wrong tool.

“Give them what they want... What we have not done a good job of is in giving sales the tools they want to, and maybe should be, using. Salespeople are rarely looking for better administration tools to update their forecasts or account activity logs.”

AMR argues that what salespeople generally really want is more quality leads, better interaction with customers and with each other, and the ability to borrow good ideas that work.

“They are looking for ways to more easily reach out to prospective customers, to share information, and to engage the customer in a two-way conversation to gain insight, something that many or most of the established CRM tools don’t do a good job of today. “

So far, so good, but what does this have to do with Enterprise 2.0? AMR suggests that Enterprise 2.0 means that “for the first time, a single platform can offer enhanced value to the salesperson’s bottom-up approach, while facilitating top-down management access to better, more timely, and more reliable information”.

Further, Enterprise 2.0 can provide new ways of working:

“Collaboration, collective learning, improvements in customer insight, and easier sharing of successful campaigns and sales best practices can all be fostered by the right set of Enterprise 2.0 capabilities. That some of the leading CRM and enterprise application vendors are now getting on board with Enterprise 2.0 underscores the potential of these tools. “

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By ncl209
10th Jun 2008 19:45

Excellent analysis. The merging of Web 2.0 features and CRM is I think a natural one, and one that puts the focus on quallity relationships at the bottom-up level. There are several good vendors today that are offering these services for free, such as, and I think the free contact management and free CRM tie-ins with Web 2.0 functions are poised to take over the CRM industry.

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