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HANA will deliver quantum leap for your firm, says SAP

4th Jul 2013
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Dr Sam Beckett may have been confined to leaping around the past, but SAP is pledging to take your business on a quantum leap into the future.

Kicking off the two-day SAP Forum in Birmingham’s ICC, the audience of over 600 customers, partners and analysts heard how change is accelerating, and businesses must either innovate or stagnate.

In his opening keynote, Rob Enslin, president of global customer operations and member of the global managing group at SAP, said: “Cloud, Big Data and mobile are fuelling a 24/7 digital world. Everything is happening now to you, everywhere.”

Enslin highlighted how the 20 years spanning the 80s and 90s had witnessed some staggering change.

“I remember in 1983 carrying my first personal computer – a big box that was difficult to pick up, a massively heavy monitor that took up the whole desk. It was followed by Windows 3.0 – and Microsoft Windows became the de facto standard for the way we did business. That was around 1991.

“We came up with SAP R/3 in 1992 and that revolutionised the way we did business – how you moved manufacturing and understood how supply chains operated, etc. It had a dramatic effect. We think the internet has been around forever but it didn’t come about until about 1996.

“So in that rough period of 20 years we thought things changed really quickly. But today, when you look at it, you’re now sitting with personal computers in your hand.”

Indeed, the speed of change has only accelerated, he said, driven by Cloud, Big Data and mobile.

“These changes are forcing you to create new business models, forcing you to innovate your business into areas that you’re not certain what is happening. You have to move and make changes and adapt really quickly. Google, Tesla, Apple, eBay and Amazon are all models that started in the last 10 years. But change is happening fast and to support that change you’ll need companies like SAP.”

SAP itself is no stranger to innovation, he noted, referencing the vendor’s development of HANA in-memory computing – “Looking in the rearview mirror, our customers wondered why we got in the database business. But we knew that change was speeding up. That quantum leap was happening.”

And the message from the software giant was that it could also provide the leap forward for your own business, through HANA and its focus on Big Data, Cloud and people.

“SAP is helping businesses compete – helping you make a quantum leap to ensure your business will be successful,” said Enslin. “This quantum leap is HANA. With it you can turn Big Data into big insights for big answers. It’s the biggest innovation in the business software industry in the last 20 years.”

He continued: “We know that complexity is one of the biggest inhibitors of business speed. With HANA in the Cloud, we drive simplification and speed for you. Our commitment to the Cloud is stronger than ever.”

Describing SAP as “a leader in the Cloud”, Enslin demonstrated that the company has 29 million users in the Cloud and 9.8 million SAP Jam subscribers. But he also emphasised the importance of its private enterprise Cloud as well as its public Cloud, suggesting that 1,350 individual customers have already signed up for the HANA managed Cloud.

And he concluded by emphasising the value of ‘people’ and the role that SAP plays in unlocking this. “Ultimately the value of any business lies in its people not its products. As leaders, it is our job to keep people excited about our businesses. And excited and engaged people deliver amazing results. The consumer app experience is the new norm for the industry and we’re now closing the divide for your employees and customers with amazing progress with our new UI.”

Enslin's summary of SAP circa 2013: "I'm often asked who is SAP today - are you an ERP company, a Cloud company, a Big Data company? And the answer is 'yes'."


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