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Infographic: Top 20 most popular CRM software solutions

4th Mar 2013
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In this new infographic, Capterra outlines the top 20 most popular CRM software solutions - measured by total customers, users and social presence. 

Top CRM Software


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By totencough
15th Mar 2013 03:03

This infographic culminates the last 10 years of CRM, with a few exceptions, which is why I foresee a drastic change on this list in the coming years. CRM software giants are stuck in acquisition mode, doing nothing to improve the UI or UX of their products. On the other side, smaller CRM companies are rising up because of their redefinition of CRM software and their focus on making usable products that will actually benefit their customers. Get ready to see currently unknowns like Hive and JobNimbus in the next couple years take over the big dogs.

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By Neil Davey
15th Mar 2013 08:26

Thanks for your comment. It will certainly be interesting to see if that's the case. The thing prohibiting the development and growth of agile emerging CRM providers, however, is the financial clout of the more established players - all of the most innovative smaller businesses are acquired by the larger vendors!

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By joestark15
18th Feb 2014 05:34

If you are concerned about price a few well priced good quality CRM software providers include:

Snapforce CRM -
Zoho CRM -

Both zoho and snapforce offer a free edition of their CRM software product, and also offer paid editions, bottom line is you will not be disappointed with the software quality.

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