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MyCustomer's 10 most popular blog posts of 2018

17th Dec 2018

What have been the most-read blog posts of the past 12 months?

MyCustomer's active community of bloggers have been sharing their thoughts on a wide variety of topics this year, delivering hot takes on the likes of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Marriott data breach, the World Cup, and of course Brexit

Let's look at our ten most-read blog posts to see what our community has been talking about - and what has resonated the most. 

1. Don't focus CX improvement on customer pain points

Understanding customer obstacles is important. But Ryan Hart, principal analyst at Forrester, discusses how problems arise when CX teams need to move from a list of customer pain points to actual improvement projects.

2. How to choose a Salesforce integration tool

Darya Yermashkevich  focuses on integration tools in and outside Salesforce and shares advice on how to find those that fit you best.

3. Four key sales challenges for B2B brands in 2018

Paul Black shares the four key findings from a survey of over 200 industry executives. 

4. These assumptions about your customers can hurt

Understanding how little you know about your customers is actually the first step toward understanding them. But Larry Alton shares four assumptions that can keep you from understanding your customers.

5. The 7 benefits of CRM-ERP integration

Stephan Romeder outlines why the extent to which you know and understand your customers may depend on your CRM-ERP integration. 

6. Why Dell has the most sophisticated chat in retail

With Forrester research indicating that chat is starting to transform digital customer experiences, Kate Leggett reveals the latest study findings about its use amongst leading retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sam’s Club, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. 

7. Has Apple lost its customers' trust?

With its missteps in its handling of iPhone battery issues, Colin Shaw asks whether Apple has lost touch with its customer base.

8. Starbucks shows how to respond to a brand crisis

Colin Shaw dissects Starbucks' decision to close more than 8,000 company-owned stores to present racial bias education to its employees.

9. Why customer experience is coming under fire

Harley Manning explains why the struggle will be real for customer experience professionals in 2019. 

10. How to measure customer emotions

Colin Shaw discusses how to measure feelings, which feelings you should measure, and where and when you should measure them.

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By mari_fink
09th Jan 2019 12:59

"The 7 benefits of CRM-ERP integration" and "Starbucks shows how to respond to a brand crisis" are my fav articles. Thank you so much for your work

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