Oracle announces new customer experience strategy

26th Jun 2012

Oracle is harnessing its latest acquisitions to deliver Customer Experience (CX) suite, a new customer-focused strategy intended to help organisations differentiate their brand and drive ROI.

Announced at a special event in New York, the suite delivers existing applications, such as its Fusion CRM platform, alongside recent additions Vitrue and Rightnow.

According to Oracle, it will provide cross-channel customer engagement through “dynamic” content across the web, contact centre, mobile devices, social media and in-store that bring increased sales and customer retention.

The strategy also intends to deliver customer service capabilities through the web, call centre and social networks to improve order accuracy and fulfilment, customer satisfaction and reduce customer service costs.

Oracle’s CX suite also offers customer support capabilities for increased conversion rates and real-time business intelligence.

Anthony Lye, SVP of Oracle CRM, said: “Delivering excellent customer experiences is what sets the winning brands apart from the losers in today’s era of the empowered consumer. Consumers want organizations to make it easy and rewarding to do business with them, and organisations that can best deliver this will ultimately reap ongoing rewards.

“Oracle has deeply invested in a strategy and suite of products with Oracle Customer Experience, which will deliver and define Customer Experience in a fresh, incredible and indelible way.”

Oracle is expected to announce further details regarding the suite at the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 event in San Francisco later this year. 

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By arynjosh
24th Sep 2012 15:51

Oracle is one of the leading businesses in the world. No wonder they are on the top because they are ready to respond to the customer's needs. - Markus Lattner

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