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Oracle facing social media backlash over letter

10th Oct 2012
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Oracle could have a social media storm on its hands after apparent attempts to trash rival in an anonymous letter were published online and roundly castigated.

After receiving the anonymous letter, headed with the Oracle logo, shocked Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company’s head of social media, took to Facebook to say


Monty also published pictures of the package he recieved: 


Unsurprisingly, Monty's post has received a rapid response from others in the industry, most of which have expressed their shock and disappointment at the tactic.

Frank Eliason from Citi said: "This is how I have seen the major players in the CRM spaces playing for years. It is unacceptable." whilst Marc Beioff, founder himself, said: "wow i have never seen anything like that! [sic]"

However, others have suggested that we withhold judgement on Oracle until the full facts come to light, particularly as there is no certainty that Oracle sent the package. 

Jeremiah Owyang wrote: "What if it's a competitor to Oracle that's doing double-agenty type of work? Oracle has many other competitors too. Perhaps it would be more accurate if it read this was a branded envelope from Oracle, but you can't determine the exact origin. I know for a fact I could get letterheads from Ford, or create them myself and send to Honda's head of social. I'm not trying to take sides, but just want to make sure we're certain before laying definitive charges."

Although there has been no formal statement from Oracle denying or confirming the claim, Denise Boyer, senior manager of public relations at Oracle, responsed to the post by pledging there would be an investigation into the source of the letter: 

Stand by for further announcements. Given the number of influential industry figures giving attention to this story, it'll be interesting to how Oracle responds. 


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