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Rise in sales deals being closed on the move

2nd Mar 2015
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Adobe has conducted an in-depth study into current sales force behavioural trends, revealing that the modern-day sales team is more mobile than ever before, with nearly half of all sales people closing just under half of all sales outside of the office.

This statistic is an increase of nearly 30% on the same research conducted last year, and is largely thanks to the vast improvement in mobile technologies such as file hosting services, mobile CRM tools and, crucially, electronic signatures that aid the full sales cycle.

However, it also found that the use of technology varied hugely by region, with London being exposed to newer forms of technology in the workplace and nearly half (49%) of salespeople stating tech was integral to their role on the move, compared with just 4% in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The research highlights that it is the younger generation adopting newer forms of technology, with 62% of those aged 55+ stating they didn’t use any technologies to close deals compared with 9% of 25-34 year olds.

And 40% of salespeople state they have used e-signatures to close deals on the move, while hosting services such as Dropbox are also popular tools used by salespeople to close deals, with over 40% respondents stating they use them. This was met by web conferencing (40%) and closely followed by apps (36%).

“The rise of electronic signatures and associated technologies are changing the industry landscape, and increasingly, we’re seeing customers become more comfortable conducting business via these tools,” says Tamara Santiago, senior marketing manager at Adobe.

“We’ve seen take-up of new technologies jump amongst sales teams in particular, owing to the huge benefits such tools can have on sales workflows. In fast-paced, target-driven sales environments, embracing such technology greatly eases the sales process and frees up time to chase new deals and revenue.”

Adobe commissioned One Poll to compile the research, surveying 500 senior sales managers from across the UK. 

Despite the increase in deals closed on the move, overall, sales teams are still reporting decreasing win rates. Qvidian’s recent State of Sales Execution report stated average rate of sales “forecasted to win” decreasing to 41% from 45.9% in 2014. Furthermore, 50% of sales reps now fail to make their quota annually.

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