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Snap happy: PhotoBox talks customer experience excellence

27th Oct 2010
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Having recently landed a CRM Excellence Award, Stuart Lipinski explains how PhotoBox has become a prime example of good practice.

With customer experience set as the theme for RightNow's European Summit, PhotoBox's recent success at the Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards in the category of Customer Experience meant set the photo printing company apart as an obvious example of good practice to present to delegates.

PhotoBox wanted to engage with and listen to its customers and learn to be accountable to them with a secondary goal of reducing costs and upping revenues. There were a number of specific goals, which included reducing the numbers of inbound contacts and balancing those to the order ratio. A voice of the customer programme was out in place to identify customers likes and dislikes in order to drive better and more rationalised business decisions.

"We needed to become customer obsessed," explained Stuart Lipinski, group CS systems manager at PhotoBox. "We realised we had the power to use information. Every change in PhotoBox is customer information driven. Every week we look at the data. Without that we'd be making decisions blindly. Someone crunches the numbers every week and compares that information to the contacts we had last week and the same week last year. Our contacts are growing so we need to have a view of what the trends are. These are discussed by all the departments."

These changes can have immediate impacts. "Customers told us that they would like to be able to change their orders, so we introduced a cooling off period," explained Lipinski. "With some orders, if you book by 4pm we have target to dispatch the same day, so we had to work within small window of opportunity. The marketing team was a little scared that people would cancel an order and not replace it. But we actually had a 50% reduction in order amendment contacts."


The biggest benefit of using RightNow's LiveChat capabilities wasn't in fact sales conversion, but the provision of insights into how customers wanted to use the firm's services. This enabled PhotoBox to refocus and prioritise resources. The firm also found that the re-order rate for customer interactions via LiveChat were more than 10% higher than for email interactions.

The firm is now launching a social community called ChatterBox to help with service and support. This is seen as a priority as PhotoBox has 26,000 Facebook fans and 3,000 Twitter followers. "It isn't the first time we've had a forum," says Lipinski. "We had the Insiders Channel which we launched last year which was a mix of our advocates and repeat users. We invited people to be Insiders and they'd get first look at new products. It was good up to a point, but it wasn't scalable and it was a totally separate solutions. We wanted to use forums in a much more integrated way and not just with a select group of people. We went with RightNow's offering because it is integrated with what we already have.

"We do already have a Facebook fan page and that has a huge base of people getting involved. When we launched that it was a mix of commentary and questions, but there were people going there who wanted more support and were getting lost in the mix. When we launched ChatterBox there were some questions of course about what do we use Facebook for and what do we use ChatterBox for. The risk of cannibalisation is the danger of having more and more channels. You have Facebook over there and Twitter over here and then there's LinkedIn and now there's this. You think you are multichannel and then you find there are more channels out there. We are getting there, but it's definitely a challenge."


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By [email protected]
17th Dec 2010 10:19

Photobox is running some nifty personalised-content & event triggered customer marketing campaigns too. According to this news item, this is adding nicely to customer loyalty & sales

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