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Baby Boomers the biggest showroomers

18th Mar 2014
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Generation Y should be looking to their parents and grandparents for smart online shopping advice, according to new research. How the tables have turned since the days Millennials were teaching their older relatives how to use technology.

Shoppers of the Baby Boom generation – now aged roughly 55-59 – are using their smartphones to showroom far more than 18-24 year olds. As many as 50% of consumers in their late 50s regularly whip out their smartphones whilst in store to compare competitors' prices and deals on the products they're browsing. This compares to just 37% of Millennials. 

The study involved a pool of 2,007 participants, who were surveyed on their shopping habits by the retail technology company, Omnico Group. Showrooming proved to be a common consumer practice, popular among almost half of smartphone-owning respondents; a considerable 47% admitted to using stores to browse products before buying them online for a more competitive price. Maybe someone should tell the younger shoppers, as they don’t appear to have really caught on.

It seems it’s not necessarily all about the price tag for those born in the 80s and 90s, though - this group is generally more drawn to a good old loyalty scheme. Almost a third (29%) of those ticking the 18-24 age box cite loyalty schemes and rewards as draws when choosing which retailer to grace with their custom.  

Steve Thomas, CTO of Omnico Group, commented on the findings: “Some people may be surprised to see Generation Y – the smartphone generation – as less savvy than their parents and grandparents when it comes to shopping for offers whilst on the go. Instead, we’re seeing younger people being drawn in by mobile loyalty schemes, rather than offers. This gives brands a golden opportunity to target Generation Y with mobile marketing and intuitive mobile apps and offers, in order to secure brand ambassadors and sustainable customer loyalty in the future."

He adds: “Clearly, to appeal to shoppers across the spectrum, retailers need a blend of loyalty schemes, offers and other promotions. It’s critical that these work as natively in a mobile environment as they do via a laptop or in-store and should be part of an omni-channel retail strategy."

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