Infographic: Delivering the ultimate online checkout

27th May 2016

What are the UK’s top retailers doing right when it comes to their online checkout process? In an attempt to find out, Electio, a delivery management platform, went shopping with 20 of the UK’s top online stores to find out just what makes the ultimate checkout experience for today’s online shoppers.

From the different ways customers can pay, to the number of delivery options offered, it looked at eight key areas on each checkout and there were some surprising findings.

  • 40% of the top UK retailers offered delivery on a Sunday.
  • There was an even spit on retailers who offered “guest checkout” and those who required customers to set up an account.
  • 75% of the retailers had their own smartphone apps.

Online checkout


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By EJohn Morris
01st Jun 2016 08:14

Thanks for sharing ..... What conclusions can we derive from this dataset? In my opinion it feels there are a lot of good Checkout processes making it easy for customers but not everyone is there yet. Is this a trend in the right direction? Also where there is an on-premise service how are they linked?
Also what is 'an enclosed checkout'?

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By AndrewHill
10th Jun 2016 08:53

Thanks John. An enclosed checkout is one which has other distractions removed such as top and bottom navigation, other links etc. They keep the customer focused on completing the transaction and are increasingly used to reduce basket abandonment.

I agree that not everyone is there yet, even those doing it the best aren't yet perfect but I think we are seeing checkouts getting better, especially with the increased visibility of delivery options - something that we know customers care about. I think we'll start to see more enhancements to checkouts to increasingly tackle any customer objections at the time - Ted Baker are doing just that with their on-premises offers for those not quite ready to commit the high spend online on their #TietheKnot range.

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