Infographic: How online reviews influence customers

13th Oct 2017

Online reviews have become an increasingly common resource provided by businesses. 

The likes of Amazon have made it a staple part of their proposition, while some other organisations have built their entire business model on online reviews. 

But are online reviews really worth their salt? Are they really that influential?

This infographic from Truthfinder examines research evidence to find out. 

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By Sahib1989
17th Oct 2017 12:35

Online reviews do play a big role in helping customers make buying decisions. It is not only for b2c buying decisions but also influences b2b buying decisions as well. Many businesses check the online reputation and ratings of a business before they sign an agreement with them. This is true for web development companies, call center services, third-party PR and marketing firms and even law firms.

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Replying to Sahib1989:
By The Brihaspati Infotech
18th Jan 2018 06:46

It's a normal tendency to check before have, so every consumer feels a need to review what he going to buy. May before buying bigger products or even buying movie tickets.

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By hiremagentogeeks
29th Mar 2018 06:28

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