Infographic: New UX trends to boost conversion

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Every year heralds a batch of new technologies and trends that early adopters embrace in a bid to drive up website conversion. Some will be successful, while others inevitably are less impactful. 

Agency Deep End Design has pulled together the following infographic outlining some of the most promising web design and user-experience trends of 2017 that are most likely to actually improve conversions on any website.

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UX trends

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Neil Davey is the managing editor of MyCustomer. An experienced business journalist and editor, Neil has worked on a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites over the past 15 years, including Internet Works, CXO magazine and Business Management. He joined Sift Media in 2007.


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05th Jan 2017 15:53

Great infographic, Neil! Good information and laid out in an enjoyable way.

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10th Jan 2017 10:58

Some great tips in here. Value based exit overlays are a great way to increase conversions. I really like what AO are doing at the moment. I noticed the other day when you go to copy the title of a product to Google if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, a message will appear saying they price match. Pretty nifty!

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By alexsam
19th May 2017 09:15

It's one of the great explanation of UX trends. Keep it up!!

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