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Mobile no longer just a research tool for ecommerce

15th Dec 2014
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Only a few weeks ago, it was predicted that the Christmas period would see mobile accounting for around 25% of ecommerce transactions. However, new data from Criteo shows that this figure has already reached 30% across the globe.

And while this percentage is slightly lower in the US at 27%, another statistic shows that the top 25% of US-based retailers are now generating almost 40% of their ecommerce transactions through mobile devices, far higher than the current forecasted rate.

Although Criteo’s State of Mobile Commerce Report highlights a number of new trends in the mobile commerce space, its statistics on conversion from research-related usage to purchase is perhaps the most compelling.

The research also states that smartphones are now generating more ecommerce transactions than tablets for the first time, with 53% of mobile-based retail transactions coming from phones, and 66% of mobile travel transactions.

Criteo’s chief product officer, Jonathan Wolf, believes these figures are a strong indication of where the future of ecommerce lies in the consumers’ mind, and that current information about how mobile is being used in the online retail process may not be accurate enough:

“There has been a significant lack of information about mobile commerce, leading many marketers to under-estimate the opportunity,” he said.

“The report demonstrates that mobile is now about purchasing not just researching, and that there are huge opportunities for eCommerce businesses to capture increasing sales via mobile devices, particularly in the retail and travel industries.

“We expect mobile to rapidly move towards 50% of all transactions, as mobile usage continues to skyrocket and retailers better optimise mobile sites for conversion.”

In terms of the type of device mobile transactions are being drawn from, Criteo’s research shows Android devices accounting for around 39% of ecommerce purchases, and 44% of smartphone transactions in the US, with Apple-made devices accounting for the rest.

Furthermore, Android smartphone share of ecommerce transactions is higher than the iPhone’s in many countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and South Korea.

“Consumers are more comfortable than ever making purchases from mobile devices, which makes it increasingly vital for advertisers to effectively reach them across devices,” Wolf added.

“If you’re an ecommerce player and you’re not focusing on allowing mobile audiences to purchase from you, then you may not be in business in a couple of years.”

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