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Retailers oblivious to their mobile commerce shortcomings?

12th Jun 2014
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Despite as much as 20% of their ecommerce traffic coming from mobile devices, a quarter of the UK's top 100 retailers do not have mobile optimised websites.

The UK Retailer Mobile Optimisation report is published annually by digital commerce experts, Skava, and this year shows some disappointing results. Even with a 26% increase on last year in the number of retailers with mobile optimised sites, the UK is still miles behind the US, where 100% of the top retailers have mobile optimised sites. That’s even with the surge we’ve seen in mobile; a fifth of digital commerce traffic now comes from these devices in the UK.  

With the rate that ecommerce sales are spiraling, eMarketer has forecasted that overall digital commerce in the B2C arena will increase by more than 20% this year to hit the $1.5 trillion mark. This means that the fraction coming from mobile represents a huge wedge of revenue - one that no retailer in their right mind would ignore. Or so you'd think.   

Those neglecting mcommerce, then, are passing up an extremely generous slice of a pretty juicy pie. Not Argos though - this is one retailer which has really got its teeth into mobile. Courtesy of it's mobile-optimised website, Argos generated £400 million from mcommerce transactions last year. That accounts for a whopping 10% of its overall sales.

Arish Ali, CEO and co-founder of Skava notes how the increase in online sales is making it difficult to see the detrimental effects of poor mcommerce: “The increase in ecommerce revenue overall is masking the loss of revenue through poorly converting mobile websites. Simply creating a mobile website is no longer efficient, but retailers must build mobile optimized websites with a conversion-first approach. The launch of a mobile website is not the end of a retailer's mobile strategy, but just the beginning. Like ecommerce websites before them, they require constant updates based on analysis of user behaviour to create a seamless shopping experience."

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