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WC commerce: Mobile devices prompting rise in unsavoury shopping habits

2nd Sep 2014
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There’s no denying that mobile devices make shopping more convenient, but is there a point when it becomes a little bit too convenient?

According to Give as you Live, in modern Britain there is now seemingly no scenario too intimate to get in the way of bagging a good deal online, with mobile devices allowing us to delve into shopping habits we never previously thought (or should have ever considered) possible.

While many online retailers are probably already aware that around half of consumers are using mobile devices to shop in bed, they may be slightly more surprised by the statistics that one in ten of us now like to spend a few pounds while spending a penny; or rather, shop while sitting on the toilet. // via @mycustomer

Adding to that, one in 100 apparently shop while on a date, while worryingly (and somewhat confusingly), roughly the same number admit to shopping while having sex.    

“The ability to compare prices and product reviews means that internet shopping has become a staple for many of us – but there’s a time and a place!” says Steff Lewis, head of consumer insights at Give as you Live.

“Shopping on the loo or in bed is fine, but on a date or during sex – really? We’re slapping the culprits with ASSOs (anti-social shopper orders) – we hope they learn their lesson!”

Is shopping on the loo fine?! Whatever your stance on this particular taboo, Give as you Live’s research suggests that you’re twice as likely to do it if you’re based in Belfast, with 22% of residents admitting to making “lavatorial purchases”.

Manchester is the city for shopping in bed, the research adds, with 59% of locals “shopping from a sedentary position”, while York is deemed the anti-social shopping capital of the UK, with 18% of people admitting to making purchases while dining or drinking out.

Men are the biggest culprits in every area of anti-social shopping behaviour, with more men than women admitting to shopping on the toilet, dining or drinking out, on a date and during sex.  

Give as you Live, who commissioned the study, is a shopping and price comparison website that lets you raise money for your favourite charity by shopping online.  


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