28 questions salespeople must ask in an account review meeting

4th Sep 2017

Building relationships with your existing customers is vital. Do it right and you can have a client for life. Existing, happy clients buy more, more often and they tell others as well. So it pays big dividends to look after them.

Think about your existing clients for a moment…

When was the last time that you asked them how well you’re doing? Not only in terms of the products and services that you are providing them but also, you, personally and how well you are managing the account. Are they happy? Do they feel special? 

If you are going to manage the account well then you need to seek feedback regularly as to how you’re doing. This can be in your day-to-day dealings with them as well as formal account reviews. With this approach you can spot additional opportunities early on and you can also identify potential issues and problems before they become big issues and problems!

There will be times when you need to sit down with each other and have a conversation about how well the account is being managed and the performance of the products and services. This is also an opportune moment for you to understand more about them and their company to see if there are any other ways in which you can help and support them with their goals.

So what questions can you ask them during this account review meeting?

Here are 28 to get you started. Don’t forget, amend them to fit your circumstances, select some that you like the look of and implement them! They are in no particular order.

  1. “How did we do this year?”
  2. “How well are we doing?”
  3. “On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the best. How would you rate us (me) at the moment?”
  4. “In what ways have we exceeded your expectations?”
  5. “In what ways have we failed to meet your expectations?”
  6. “In what ways can we (I) improve?”
  7. “What changes do we (I) need to make to ensure greater success?”
  8. “What are two or three ways our company could improve in how we support you?”
  9. “What have we done well this year/period?”
  10. “Has anything changed since we last met?”
  11. “We haven’t heard from you in a while. Did we do something wrong?” (If customer is dormant)
  12. “What could we have done better this year/period?”
  13. “If you could change one thing about our relationship, what would it be?”
  14. “What goals would you like to see us (me) accomplish with you in the next 12 months?”
  15. “What are your goals for next year compared with this year?”
  16. “How’s business?”
  17. “What challenges/issues are you facing at the moment?”
  18. “What are your biggest concerns at the moment?”
  19. “How else can we help?”
  20. “What are the organisation’s upcoming goals?”
  21. “Are you going to open any new offices/locations this year?” (Remember that any major change in the account presents the possibility that may open the door for more business. Also, the more you know about your clients’ plans, the better you are able to be in position to be of assistance)
  22. “Are you recruiting any new employees at the moment?”
  23. “Please don’t just look at me as your (solution specific provider); I’m here to help in any number of ways. I have a vast array of contacts and may be of service in areas other than (solution specific). Are there any other areas which you need help with at the moment?”
  24. “So that I can better be of assistance going forward, let me ask you a few questions: What is your long term vision for the department?”
  25. “In what other areas could this same problem occur?”
  26. “How do we ensure that problems like this never happen again?”
  27. “How can I better help you gain an advantage over your competition?”
  28. “What would make your job easier? Maybe I can help with them, maybe I can’t. However, I will better understand how I could be of help to you.”

Which account review questions do you use?

Please jot them down in the comments section below and we can create an all-inclusive killer list!

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