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Benioff predicts white collar jobs to be slashed

26th Oct 2006
Share this content CEO Mark Benioff has been quoted in the US National Review as predicting that 25 million white-collar jobs may disappear over the next decade because of software innovations.

The piece goes onto say that technological advances will enable greater wealth creation "with fewer hands", rendering population shifts, as the baby-boomer generation dies out, irrelevant to national and international economies.

However, the writer of the article makes this leap of faith by comparing the market capitalisations of new economy bit-shifting giants such as Google, with old economy unit-shifting behemoths such as General Motors.

However, if market capitalisation and brand equity are the sole benchmarks for the viablity of the 2016 economy – suggested by profitless, and essentially revenue-less YouTube's billion-dollar sale to Google – then we must assume that what's left of the world's population ten years from now will survive by launching an endless stream of online services at venture capitalists' expense, and then selling them on without ever having to worry about the business being a viable proposition.

Chris Middleton

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